Vertical In Line Pump – Type IL40-125
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- For circulating clean, non-corrosive fluids
- For heating and air-conditioning
- For water supply
- For circulating installations

Operating Data:

- Capacity: up to 300 m³/h
- Total Head: up to 90m
- Working Temperature: up to 140º C
- Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar
- Motor Speed: 2900 rpm


- Pump Casing: Stainless Steel 304
- Impeller: Stainless Steel 304
- Shaft: Stainless Steel 420
- Mechanical Seal

Vertical In Line Pump – SLS
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Features and Benefits Technical Data
- Compact Structure - Flow Range: 1.5 to 2400 m³/hr
- Stable Running - Head: 8 to 150m
- No Leakage - Max. Working Pressure: 1.6 Mpa
- Easy to Install - Max. Liquid Temperature: 120º C
- Easy to Maintain

- Transport pure water and other liquids
- It is used for the warming hot water booster circular system and the heat transport system of production technology in the units where heat supply system
- It is used to transport the liquids containing no solid grain
- It is used to transport non-corrosive inflammable, explosive liquids
- It is used to transport the liquids containing no solid grain, corrosive and the viscosity on which is similar to water

Vertical In Line Pump – ISG(B)
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- Wide performance range
- High efficiency and power saving
- Super noiseless low vibration
- Convenient installation and inspection

- High water container and fire fighting
- Long distance water supply
- Boiler water feeding
- Air condition water circulating

Performance Range
- Capacity: 4 m³/hr to 1080 m³/hr
- Head: 8m to 125m
Suction Pressure: 1.6 Mpa