MS – SS Horizontal Single Stage
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Structure Features
- MS/MSS series of pump is ingle stage centrifugal pump and features axial suction and radial discharge.
- Compact structure, the pump is directly connected with the motor, coaxial installation.
- Convenient installation, screw thread water inlet and outlet.
- Light weight, thin plate pressing structure for main parts and components.
- A little corrosion resistance, material of wet part is AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.

- Pressurization and pumping of industrial and civilian clean water or other liquids.
- Water treatment.
- Water circulating system.
- Agricultural irrigation.
- Other fields.

Operation Condition
- Liquid temperature: -10°C ~ +85°C.
- Ambient temperature: up to +40°C.
- Altitude: up to 1000m.
- Max. pressure of the system is 8 bars.

- TEFC motor, 2 pole.
- Protection class: IP55
- Insulation class: F
- Standard voltage: 50Hz 1 x 230V
3 x 415V

End Suction Closed Coupled – Type MWB
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- Drinking water supply
- Pressure Booster of domestic system
- Water treatment
- Fountains
- Emptying tank and pools
- Pumping clean water and moderately aggressive industrial liquids
- Cooling tower

Performance Limits
- Max. working pressure: 10 bar
- Max. liquid temperature: -15º C to 110º C

- TEFC motor, 2 pole.
- Protection class: IP55
- Insulation class: F
- Standard voltage: 380 – 415V (50Hz or 60Hz)

- Pump casing, impellers, diffusers and shaft: AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel
- Support, motor frame: Aluminum
- Standard mechanical seal: NBR / Ceramic / Carbon

End Suction Close Coupled – Type SS Inox
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- For clean or turbid liquids, free from large solids
- For pumping water, petrol, benzene, oil, brine,, alkaline solution, and mild acids
- For circulation, irrigation and drainage purpose
- For water supply and booster stations
- For industrial and agricultural applications and public services
- For pharmaceutical beverage food and refining chemical

Working Conditions:

- Capacity up to 85 m³/h
- Total head up to 85m
- Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
- Maximum liquid temperature: 110º C


- Pump casing, Impeller and Shaft: AISI 304 or 316L Stainless Steel

- Mechanical Seal
NBR / Ceramic / Carbon: 80º C
Viton / Ceramic / Carbon: -20º ~ +110º C


- TEFC, IP55 Protection
- Insulation Class F
- 50Hz or 60Hz
- 2 Poles or 4 Poles